HSP Latin America Conference,
San Jose, Costa Rica, 03 – 05 June 2019

Oral Presentation by Dr. Frank Seils, SECTAGO GmbH
AgilLite®:    A Versatile OVD Security Feature for Application on High Security Documents

AgilLite® technology is based on an innovative method to create novel diffractive originations. Foil replications thereof distinguish from all known security features.

The OVD feature is built on diffractive surface elements sophistically designed to compose an image which, upon illumination, is projected towards the observer. This image appears bright-white and is customizable within a high degree of freedom. Upon tilt or rotation, the observer realizes agile, coordinated motion of the displayed image, including a distinct 3D-effect. Hence, it combines the mobility and optical depth of lens-based security features with thin diffractive optics typical for holograms and alike.

The AgilLite® feature operates both ways, in reflection or transmission, thus making it well suitable for application on paper, in paper windows or on polymer substrate. Full scale manufacturing of banknote security foil has been approved by means of well-established processes and materials. Very recently, this novel feature has been chosen by a major central bank for application on regular, high denomination banknotes, where it appears well integrated in a state-of-the-art security foil stripe.

A selection of examples based on AgilLite® origination technology will be presented. They are unique, optically attractive, easy to communicate and difficult to counterfeit, making them ideally suited for the protection of high security documents.

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