Manufacturability of security features based on SECTAGO's AgilLite® technology has already been proven by established production processes. As a wide application portfolio of the feature on various substrates can be considered both, in reflection as well as in transmission, a customer specific adaptation of production processes may be required, on a case-by-case basis.

Therefore, specific modification of the base technology is offered by SECTAGO to be made in close cooperation with interested partners/customers under respective joint development projects. For adaptation of the standard AgilLite® technology to existing processes or production environment, SECTAGO offers active support by skilled professionals under respective development licenses, including hands-on service at cooperation partners' production sites.

SECTAGO also offers to his potential partners the opportunity to jointly search for novel security features and to co-develop those for future manufacturing and marketing. Besides applications on high security documents, also the market segment of brand- and product protection is of specific future interest.