On May 28th, 2019, the ECB started issuance of its new 100 and 200 euro banknotes of the ES2 series. The new public security features of these notes are introduced on the ECB‘s website. One of the new features is the so-called Satellite Hologram:

“This brand new feature can be found at the top of the silvery stripe. When you tilt the banknote, you can see small € symbols moving around the number. The € symbols become clearer under direct light.” (ref.: https://www.ecb.europa.eu/press/pr/date/2018/html/ecb.pr180917/Fact_Sheet_RZ_WEB.en.pdf)

SEM System

 The Satellite Hologram is based on SECTAGO‘s innovative and proprietary AgilLite® Technology and has been developed in close collaboration with the ECB for application on euro banknotes.

As referenced by the Satellite Hologram, unique new banknote features for public recognition (first level inspection) can be created by AgilLite® Technology. While exhibiting high optical attractiveness it also provides a very high level of counterfeit protection due to its physical complexity.

Upon illumination with a point light source (sunshine, spot light, mobile phone) the typical optical characteristic of this feature is unveiled: bright-white appearance and an eye-catching 3D perspective. In addition, upon tilting of the banknote an agile, continuous motion of the AgilLite® motif (here: the € symbol) becomes visible.

The video clip, below, demonstrates the optical appearance of the Satellite Hologram: While the banknote and the camera were kept in fixed positions video recording occurred during illumination by a hand-held LED point light source which was moved across the feature.