AgilLite® technology is available for security features with intended application on banknotes, ID-documents, certificates and other high security documents. The information content (number, character, graphics, logo etc.) displayed by this feature occurs brilliant-white, is well visible even under moderate lighting conditions and reveals high motion as well as a remarkable 3D-effect at changing angles of illumination and/or observation.

In principle, AgilLite®  functionality allows applications in both, reflection as well as  transmission. As  such, use on paper, polymer or composites can be considered; in specific, combinations with so-called window technology are rendered well feasible. AgilLite® exhibits unique optical appearance and motion patterns which clearly distinguish  from other established security features. Due to its unique functions, it is easy to authenticate, even by untrained people, and is very difficult to counterfeit.

SECTAGO offers to its licensees complete solutions for the creation and supply of AgilLite® originations. This starts from customized designs and finalizes with resist- or nickel shims from which individual production tools can be fabricated.

Manufacturability of security foils by UV-casting or hot embossing processes have already been proven with equaly well results. High volume production of security foil stripes for banknotes have been successfully preformed on standard roll-to-roll production equipment. 

To interested customers of ready-to-use AgilLite® foil products, SECTAGO offers access to converted security threads or stripes by involvement of its licensed production partners. These companies are internationally leading, certified manufacturer of security foil products.