• AgilLite® origination replicated on PET foil by UV casting process
  • Metallization with aluminum by PVD process followed by coating of adhesive
  • Thermal transfer to PC card followed by thermal lamination process  (upper video)
  •  Thermal transfer to authentic banknote paper    (lower video)

  1. The presented video sequence demonstrates the optical effect of AgilLite® exemplary with two "contoured stars", from combination of +1st and -1st diffractive order of identical motifs. Their motion occurs by symmetric rotation around a common center point.   


  1. This video visualizes the AgilLite® effect by combination of different motifs. Tilt or rotation of the document results in up/down movement of the displayed motifs.  

  • AgilLite® origination replicated on acrylate coated PET foil by embossing proces
  • HRI coating by deposition of high refractive ZnS layer
  • succeeding coatings of adhesion promoter and adhesive layer   
  • thermal lamination onto PVC card


  1.  The presented video sequences demonstrate the optical effect of AgilLite® exemplary by the motif of "contoured stars" multiply repeated on the laminate foil. Upon illumination the stars appear all over the printed  (upper video)   /  blank (lower video) ID card strikingly moving when the observation and/or illumination angle is changed.