SECTAGO develops innovative technologies for manufacturing of optical security features which are destined for the protection of documents, products or brands. Focus is on high security documents, such as identification documents (e.g. government controlled certificates, passports, visa and alike) and banknotes, for which SECTAGO has developed and patented novel types of DOVIDs (Diffractive Optically Variable Image Devices). These are not only optically attractive and easy to authenticate but also ideally suited for the documents' protection against counterfeiting and falsification. SECTAGO offers access to its unique technology under the trade name AgilLite®.
AgilLite® is a technology for the creation of diffractive foil features. Their manufacturing is based on originations which are exclusively and individually created by SECTAGO under highest security standards. Access to the AgilLite® technology is strictly limited for security features with applications on high security documents. For use of AgilLite® originations in the fabrication of production tools or foil manufacturing SECTAGO offers  respective licenses to interested manufactures.

SECTAGO is a small, highly specialized venture which is capable to react flexibly on customer requests or market requirements. Individual, customer oriented project work, flexibility and the highest degree of confidentiality are key facts for the company's success.

General aspects of SECTAGO's business model are as follows:

  • Out-licensing of security technology to selected parties as well as creation and supply of originations in the form of resist- or nickel masters with individual custom-made designs
  • Joint development under collaboration agreements with selected partners to meet customer requirements with regard to SECTAGO's security technology
  • On-site engineering support provided to licensees and development partners to adopt SECTAGO's security technology to an existing production environment
  • Delivery of ready-to-use foil product according to customer specifications (by involvement of a certified manufacturing partner of security foils)