Dr. Frank Seils, Managing Director

PortraitFrank Seils 1

Frank Seils holds a master degree in chemistry (Ph.D.). After post-doctoral research positions in Canada and Germany, he started his first industrial employment at Swiss F.Hoffmann-La Roche AG in Basel where he managed a research lab in the liquid crystal department. Starting from 2001, Frank Seils built up and managed the new business unit "Document Security" at Rolic Technologies AG, an r&d company which had been spun off from Roche. His responsibilities included business development, technical marketing as well as global licensing of optical security technologies. In parallel, he created his international – still active – network in the security field. In 2002, Frank Seils was granted membership of the Management Board of Rolic Technologies. In the beginning of 2007, he founded his own venture "VisuConsult”, offering management consulting services for business development and international licensing, with special expertise in the field of optical security technologies. His consulting mandate for the Saarland located company Nanogate AG resulted 2013 in the spin-off of their optics activities and the foundation of SECTAGO GmbH, the company Frank is heading as Managing Director and co-owner, since then.

Markus Koch, Head of Technology

PortraitMarkus Koch 1

Markus Koch studied microsystem technologies at Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern, Germany before he started his professional career in the year 2008 with Nanogate Avanced Materials GmbH, in Goettelborn. As a project engineer in the field of optical technologies, Markus Koch was in charge of planning, construction and maintenance of various optical equipment. He also participated in several r&d projects and conducted the lab-based preparation of polymer replicates by nano-imprint technology. In specific, he took a leading role in the development and construction of a unique photo-lithographic system which, as of today, represents SECTAGO's key equipment with regard to the generation of novel types of security features. As a co-owner of the company and Head of Technology, since 2014 Markus Koch is responsible for all aspects of SECTAGO's r&d activities, including process engineering. Also, he guides the strategic management of the company's patent portfolio and coordinates development work with national and international partners.